Swifty Recognised at Military Awards Ceremony

Posted 29 March, 2012

NFA Volunteer Darren Swift, known to one and all as ‘Swifty’, received the The Bowman Award at the ‘Soldiering On’ military awards ceremony on Sunday 25 March.

The award recognises an individual or organisation who has given exceptional training and support to help individuals overcome grievous injuries and is presented in memory of Major James Bowman, 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Swifty has been involved with the NFA for more than 10 years. On an entirely voluntary basis he attends NFA functions, encouraging others who have been severely wounded or disabled in military service to be positive about the future. Having suffered his own injuries in Northern Ireland in 1991 – including a double amputation above the knees – Swifty’s optimistic outlook and unique character have made him an inspiration to all the veterans he has met, from WWII to Afghanistan.

Additionally, Swifty gives talks and presentations around the UK on what those in similar situations can do. And as if this isn’t enough, he also works for the military and civilian emergency services in casualty simulation and has had a number of acting roles in films, national TV and on the stage.

The Not Forgotten Association is delighted that Swifty’s inspirational efforts have been recognised with this award.

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